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The Real War on Terror Is Not Over

It is true that the UN Security Council has ratified a resolution calling for dialog to end the crisis in Syria.

However, it is also true that the real war on all manners of terrorism and extremism in Syria and Iraq is still far from over. Iranian officials and military commanders have already warned that Tehran in alliance with Russia, Syria and Hezbollah would continue the fight and take direct action if Damascus and other Syrian cities hosting holy shrines come under attack from ISIL and “moderate” terrorists.

In their words, Damascus and the holy shrines are among the Islamic Republic’s redlines. Iran will take direct action to kill the terrorists and destroy their headquarters if these places come under threat.

This clearly means the international community will have to work harder than this in the upcoming Syria talks in order to find a peaceful solution to the crisis. This also means Tehran doesn’t trust the regime changers – the War Party and its vassals – unless they prove they can be trusted. Which means before anything else they have to stop harbouring the extremist outfits.

Until then, Tehran , Russia, Syria and Hezbollah will resort to any possible means to protect the elected government of Syria and the holy sites, including Damascus.

This shouldn’t come as surprise. Iran has been helping the Syrian government and the army for several years now. Iran began assisting Syria to defend itself long before Russia decided to join the fight, even long before the US decided to form the so-called anti-ISIL coalition. Tehran also acted in the nick of time and warned those in the US-led coalition supporting ISIL “to make up for their mistakes.”

And there are several reasons why Moscow joined the fight and why Tehran says they will continue the Real War on Terror despite the UN-ratified Syria talks AND invitation:

1. The US is not serious in its fight against ISIL or even interested in Syria talks. They support ISIL in Syria and fight ISIL in Iraq, which is apprehensive. The US-led coalition is not inclusive and they cannot and won’t defeat ISIL for obvious reasons.

2. ISIL has links with certain intelligence services. It has the backing of Israel. It also sells smuggled oil through Turkey to European markets which is against international terrorism law. It then gets US arms and funds from Saudi Arabia and the mere extras.

3. Iran is key to regional security. Strange enough, British Prime Minister David Cameron once said, “Iran could help secure a more stable, inclusive Iraq, and a more stable, inclusive Syria.” In light of the recent terrorist attacks in Paris, the same official position now exists in Paris and Berlin.

4. ISIL and Al-Qaeda affiliates have committed heinous crimes against Shia, Sunni, Kurdish, Christian and Izadi communities. This goes against Iran’s religious duties and principles. For fighting terrorism, the Russian-led alliance will not wait for any peace deal to come to the fore. They will act according to international law and their own international obligations.

5. The rise of ISIL is attributed to the policies of Western powers. They back the terrorist group in Syria – Iran’s closest ally. That’s why Tehran has no intention to trust the War Party and rejects it’s calls for President Bashar Assad to go.

It is with this background and understanding that the people of Iraq also say they want to see the Russian-led alliance take on ISIL in their country.

Just like the people of Syria, they are confident that the speed of the real anti-terror alliance’s response will be the same if the terrorist goons make the fatal mistake and attack Baghdad or the holy cities in Iraq.

And that’s why the same call has been issued by Afghanistan and Libya

Date:December 23, 2015

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