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Saudis Are up to Their Eyeballs in Terror

The House of Saud’s costly and counterproductive effort to draw “moderate” head choppers, Wahhabi extremists, and fanatical jihadists into a unified political front against Syria is both desperate and laughable.

The mindboggling idea is to encourage the world community to look the other way rather than face up to the dangers created by an out-of-control US “ally” and its misguided interventionist policies. The problem with this “Syria talks” story is that Riyadh simply can’t afford to admit they have failed to isolate the Syrian government and establish a Salafist principality in Eastern Syria – despite misleading the world community on a matter of war.

Another problem with this story is that the House of Saud and the mere extras are the major forces driving the terrorism in Syria. Foolishly, the West, the Persian Gulf Arab states, and Turkey support the death cults, despite the risks they present to the region and the world. But perhaps even more so, an admission that their “moderate” terrorists are actually homicidal maniacs who are determined to establish an “American Caliphate.”

After all, these are just some of the ridiculous demands the medieval goons made during recent anti-Syria talks in the terrorist capital of the planet, Riyadh:

-All Iranian and Russian military personnel must leave Syria.
-The Syrian Army should be disbanded, along with their paramilitary units.
-Syria will become a caliphate.
-No negotiations with the Syrian government.
-Fighting the ISIL cult is secondary…

This clearly shows the House of Saud and its spawns are not hoping for a more peaceful and loving Syria. It also shows they are anything but moderate. They were all spawned by the War Party and its rogue partners in the region, with long-standing ties to Al-Qaeda, ISIL, and other psychopathic monsters, in order to wage a perpetual “War on Terror” with unforeseen and tragic long-term consequences.

As is, most of these foreign jihadists are funded, armed and trained by Saudi Arabia, Turkey and the United States. The regime changers have sown the seeds of tumult in the Middle East and helped give birth to the unimaginable, including media-hyped beheadings, suicide bombings and other forms of savage brutality perpetrated by narrow minded zealots in the name of God. The story remains the same, whether the players are Al-Qaeda, the Taliban or ISIL.

One thing is for sure though: The Saudis are up to their eyeballs in terror, so their “political” tactics aren’t working. Their jihadi goons are getting beaten quite badly by the Russian-led coalition of Iran, Syria and Lebanon’s Hezbollah. Which is why the regime changers have moved on to Plan B – a political strategy for uniting the anti-Syria terrorist outfits to improve their chances for success in the next round of negotiations in Vienna.

The only problem is that Moscow and Tehran know that. They are not going to be fooled by this new charade. They are not going to let any of these foreign-backed psychopathic monsters decide Syria’s future either. That has to be decided by the Syrian people themselves, which is what international law AND the Geneva Communique are all about: Self determination, sovereignty and free elections.

Date:December 23, 2015

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