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American-Saudi Disregard for Civilian Lives

The United States, Saudi Arabia and the mere extras are committing war crimes in the Middle East and the civil society is not doing anything about it.

Their disregard for civilian lives is appalling and systematic, particularly in Yemen. Here, Saudi Arabia has been leading a criminal gang of nine Arab states in a bombing campaign against Ansarullah forces allied with former president Ali Abdullah Saleh since March. Over 7,000 people have been killed in the airstrikes and around 1.4 million have been forced to flee their homes.

International right groups like Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch say they have uncovered yet more evidence of unlawful airstrikes carried out by the Saudi-led and US-backed coalition, which amounts to war crimes. In their words, “The repeated targeting of civilian homes are telling examples revealing the coalition forces’ flagrant failure to take sufficient precautions to avoid civilian loss of life as required by international humanitarian law.”

More so, the US has been party to these war crimes, yet along with all nations responsible is violating international requirements to investigate bombings of homes, schools, and refugee camps. The horrifying fact is that such attacks are not isolated cases, but rather, reflect the overall strategy in which the regime changers indiscriminately drop bombs in populated areas.

The warmongers stand accused of numerous other war crimes too, including unlawful bombings of medical facilities, markets, power plants, factories and warehouses storing humanitarian supplies that are all documented by the Human Rights Watch. This is while the UN Security Council is yet to launch an independent investigation into these human rights violations, or of any compensation for victims. Quite the opposite, the War Party and its vassals have successfully lobbied Council to abandon any proposal for an inquiry.

Little wonder, except for a handful of nations, no country is demanding an end to such impunity. This includes the US, which by supplying “precise” bombs, coordinating, and directly assisting the Saudi-led military operations, is a party to the conflict, refuses to weigh in, and as such is complicit in such heinous violations.

Tragically, such inattention to civilian deaths in America’s wars isn’t unique to Yemen. There is little evidence that the world community gives much thought to the people who live in the nations where US military interventions take place. The major wars the US has fought since 2001 have produced colossal carnage, particularly in Iraq and Syria, where the War Party’s lack of acknowledgment is less oversight than habit. The US response to so many dead and millions displaced in the two devastated countries is woefully dismissive too.

The War Party should take note: Such attitudes have consequences. Indifference provides blowback with deadly consequences. Any doubters should ask Paris. Indifference also provides permission to the War Party to pursue more interventions with unforeseen consequences, and that’s exactly what they are doing right now in Iraq and Syria. There are costs to US global reputation as well. The US has undermined its credibility when it is so dismissive of civilian casualties. History tells us that the world community will never bury memories of the US-led and US-backed wars, in particular, their destruction and human costs.

Date:December 23, 2015

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