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Car bomb attack kills six guards near Libya capital: Sources


Safwan Bayou, commander of a unit in charge of security on the coastal road linking eastern and western Libya, said on Tuesday that the bomb targeted the Mislattah checkpoint close to the city of Khoms.

“The car bomb explosion left six dead and 14 wounded, all civilians,” he added.

No individual or group has claimed responsibility for the bombing.

Over the past four years, Libya has been grappling with political uncertainty and violence committed by militants such as members of Takfiri Daesh terrorist group.

Since August 2014, when militias seized Tripoli, Libya has had two parliaments and two governments with one, the General National Congress (GNC), run by the rebels in the capital and the other, which is internationally-recognized, based in the northeastern city of Tobruk.

The United Nations has proposed the formation of a national unity government in an effort to end the conflict in the North African state. Under the proposal, a nine-member presidential council, including a prime minister, five deputy prime ministers and three senior ministers, will govern Libya.

Date:November 24, 2015

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