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Grand Coalition Against ISIL Already There

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There is a reason why French President Francois Hollande continues with his efforts to build a “Grand Coalition” against ISIL: The US-led coalition was a sham and European terrorists have come home to roost.

There is also a reason why after the horrific Paris attacks he went to Moscow to meet with President Vladimir Putin: The Russia-Iran-Syria-Iraq and Lebanon’s Hezbollah (also known as the 4+1) alliance is real and effective.
Little wonder following the high-profile meeting, Russia and France agreed to engage in increased cooperation against ISIL in Syria, including intelligence sharing on potential targets. However, the willingness of Russian-led counter-ISIL alliance has its limits. Any repeats of incidents like “NATO Toy” Turkey hitting their plane would severely limit such cooperation. More so, the alliance is comfortable continuing the ISIL war without cooperation with the West, including France, if it has to.
In any case, continuing the battle against the drug-taking hedonists is what Russia, Iran, Syria and Hezbollah have been doing all this time. Still, they are open to cooperation with the world community – barring Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the United States which support the “moderate” head-choppers.
Into the argument, the Syrian government is on the frontline of the War on Terror. For the new “Grand Coalition” to work, Western officials are advised to drop their silly disagreement on the future of President Bashar Assad. As maintained by President Putin and Iranian Leader Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei, the post of Syrian president is entirely up to the Syrian people.
What should happen next is on the following lines: The United States and its minions should stop saving ISIL and comparable extremist outfits. It’s hopeless. There can be no doubt that in any new “Grand Coalition”, or any confrontation between the sham Jihadists and the civilized world, the regime changers will be on the side of the former.
Significantly, the myth that Russia and Iran are not hurting ISIL – already stabbed by the downing of the St. Petersburg airliner in the Sanai, the Turkish downing of Su-24 bomber over Syria, and the deaths of several high-ranking Iranian military advisers – can now be laid to rest. ISIL and other proxies of Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar are in danger, and cooperation between the West and the 4+1 alliance could seal their fate.
Then again, no matter how many grand alliances are made, the menace of ISIL will not go away as long as it can finance itself by exporting stolen oil from Iraq and Syria to Europe via Turkey. It is by now clear that Erdogan’s AK Party and cronies have been profiting from this lucrative war for years. Any doubters should ask President Putin. That explains why they are not happy to see any progress by the Russia-Iran-Syia-Iraq-Hezbollah alliance on the ground.

Date:November 28, 2015

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