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Another Thoughtless Move by Turkey: NATO Won’t Approach the Reckless Actor from any Side

Turkey has a lot on its plate these days, as it has recklessly bitten off more than it can chew.

After being dumped by the European Union for not meeting the criteria to become an EU member; then despised by the international community for acting as “Jihadist Super-Highway” for foreign goons pouring into Syria; and still being rejected by Iran as a route to transit natural gas into Europe, Turkey is desperate to do whatever it can to stay in this New Great Game, even if that means shooting down Russian warplanes over Syria.
And shooting down a Russian warplane is exactly what Sultan Erdogan has so thoughtlessly done just recently. For all the news coverage, he can enjoy his fifteen minutes of fame for “stabbing” Russian President Vladimir Putin in the back. Perhaps that’s what he needs: A little pick-me-up from President Obama to make him feel better. But he can be sure this will be short-lived, with unmistakably “serious consequences” for Moscow-Ankara ties:
* In breach of international law, the Russian Su-24 warplane was shot down as it was targeting ISIL trucks and infrastructure transferring stolen, cheap oil from Iraq and Syria to Turkey, which is then sold at higher prices in Europe. The incident had nothing to do with Russia violating Turkish airspace, as some careless politicians in Ankara would like to suggest.
* NATO policy holders are not having any of it. They express serious concern about Turkey’s actions. Indeed, the Pentagon says they can’t even confirm the plane ever entered Turkish airspace. Obviously, it’s kind of hard for them not to blame Turkey, especially when it appears to show no remorse for it.
* President Putin is correct to say this was “a stab in the back” by the accomplices of international terrorists. Moscow was not stabbed in the back by Ankara alone. The United States, Saudi Arabia and Qatar are also responsible. They are aiding “moderate” head-choppers in Syria – including the same heartless murderers that carried out the horrific attacks in Paris on November 13.
* Russia is helping Iran and Syria in the real War on Terror. In the absence of such alliance, Europe will be drowned by the rising tide of Syrian refugees and home-grown terrorist returnees. The EU knows that. That’s why they don’t bother to come to Turkey’s aid. Turkey doesn’t have what it takes to take the war in Syria into a war on Russia. The reality is that the EU is wise enough not to sign up for yet another foray into the turmoil.
* Syria bleeds amid an oil and gas pipeline war. The US, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar want to break the Russia-EU supply dependency to weaken Moscow and keep control over the EU via Qatar (supplier) and Turkey (transit route). However, Syria, Iran and Iraq have already signed a gas pipeline agreement that would make Syria – and not Turkey – the centre to deliver gas to the EU via the Mediterranean. For now, the spoilers can cheer as Syria is up in flames. But they can be sure they will never see Turkey replace Syria.
* The “Assad must go” gang will continue to stab Russia and Iran in the back as they are increasingly desperate in the face of the new counter-ISIL alliance success on the ground. The regime-change fantasy is going down in flames and they are desperate to keep the things going so they can at least eke out a partial victory during peace talks. Lest they forget, on November 23, President Vladimir Putin and Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei made clear this is not going to happen.
Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: In this resource war, Turkey faces an uncertain future. Its reckless hit on the Russian fighter jet only serves the interests of the sociopath War Party in Washington. For now, Moscow has decided not to retaliate in kind. It has however decided to deploy new air defense equipment, including S-400 missile systems, to the Syria-Turkey border. Moscow says they are also cutting military contact with Ankara and that future bombing runs will include escorts of fighter jets.
As the saying goes, the wise man says it cannot be done, but the fool goes and does it. In this disturbing turn of events, it’s silly to assume the unthoughtful move of Sultan Erdogan will ever invoke Article Five of the NATO Treaty that will lead to the World War III. “NATO Toy” Turkey is advised not to quarrel with facts and misuse its unthoughtfulness, as it has never been that important in any way to the increasingly “annoyed” and largely “uncomfortable” policy holders in Brussels. It never will be.

Date:November 28, 2015

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