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Yet More Syria Blowback: The End of Europe’s Open Borders

In lockdown over “imminent” threat, the passport-free Schengen zone in Europe may not get back to its old lovely self anytime soon.

When European Union countries joined the United States and “moderate” terrorists in the war on Syria they never thought their regime-change fantasy would one day turn into a deadly nightmare, even spelling the end of their famous open borders.
In light of the bloody attacks on Paris, we now know that EU citizens will not only have their passports examined but their personal information checked with databases. The idea is to tighten border controls, a fundamental revision of the Schengen deal to allow the systematic controlling of EU citizens.
Under the new scheme, EU members will share air passengers’ data with little or no care for privacy. The new draconian process will also include fingerprinting of all migrants and refugees entering into the Schengen area. More so, EU travellers will have their passports examined and their personal information checked with databases. And these changes are not temporary! They are forever, officially putting an end to the passport-free Schengen zone as we know it.
Some might say finalising the new borders regime could take months, with likely legislative infighting in Brussels. Make no mistake. This will never happen. Placed on highest terror alert and with heavily armed troops patrolling the streets, the EU has already become a war zone, busy ignoring the Schengen rules and humanitarian law without any endorsement by members. After all, France is busy targeting ISIL positions in Syria and attempts to tighten the borders regime won’t be that much an issue.
This, however, spells disaster to the long-suffering Syrian refugees who are desperate to reach the EU, where closed borders within the zone, as well as fences and barbwires, have already put an end to the Schengen and the European idea of coexistence and integration.
And we haven’t even started talking about the new wave of xenophobic attacks, anti-Muslim and anti-refugee sentiments being fuelled and promoted by far right-wing political groups. Thanks to the Paris massacre, the EU authorities now carry out searches without warrants, copy data from any system, block websites that encourage terrorism, and arrest any person deemed a threat to security.
And who cares if all this crackdown on civil liberties is wrong or in breach of international human rights law? As long as the authorities are happy with this strategy nothing else matters, including the fact that those who carried out the Paris attacks were French and Belgian nationals and not Syrian refugees.
The bottom line is this: The EU is free to clampdown on their Muslim citizens or refugees fleeing the violence they themselves helped create. They are also free to pass further surveillance legislation that is yet to prove effective in catching terrorists but extremely efficient in curbing the individual freedoms of ordinary civilians. That’s their call. However, they are wrong to assume that by doing so they can now represent themselves as victims of terrorism – with no accountability whatsoever for what they have done to Syria in the past four years.
As predicted by Iran’s Leader Ayatollah Khamenei some four years ago, the Western-backed terrorism has finally reached the EU shores, where many used to maintain a policy of having no problems with home-grown extremists crossing the zone to join ISIL in Syria. As it happens, the violence has destabilized the Shengen area and the EU authorities have no one to blame but themselves for the tragic gloom. After all, they that sow the wind shall reap the whirlwind. But this is the blowback of the US-led West’s Syria policy whose price is, unfortunately and sadly, paid by ordinary and innocent citizens.

Date:November 28, 2015

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