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Endless Game of Whack-a-Mole: Why US-Led Coalition Will Always Fail?


For clear and unpalatable reasons, the coalition members are still not ready to change course. They are a de facto ally of Al-Qaeda and facilitator of ISIL – another monster they helped create by assisting multinational jihadists. In the words of Russian government spokesman Dmitry Peskov, Moscow does not believe the US-led coalition is “ready” to merge into a single anti-ISIL coalition. Quite the opposite, the United States has been seen trying to convince France and Germany against pushing for a “Grand Coalition” with Iran, Russia and Syria. Here, in summary, are some of the main reasons:
1-The United States refuses to recognize the fact that its coalition has fomented more terrorism and even a bigger humanitarian crisis in the Middle East. Hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees have flooded Europe and the terrorist attacks in Paris has served as further justification for more of the same from the War Party.
2-The attempt to overthrow President Bashar Assad is the primary motivation behind the US-led war on Syria. That is to say, for Washington and cronies, the priorities remain regime change, keeping Iran down, protecting Israel, fighting perceived “Iranian proxies” in Yemen, keeping the Kurds down, importing cheap oil, keeping Russia down, and keeping the regional allies happy.
3-These priorities, under the guise of fighting terrorism, have only provided an incredible opportunity for terrorist organizations to take root in Europe. They have gained the most strength from the fact that they can point to their shared goal with Western governments, which is regime change in Damascus.
4-The policy perpetuates itself though. As we speak, tens of thousands of people have taken to the streets in London and Madrid to protest their governments’ participation in new airstrikes in Syria. They say the US-led airstrikes are not designed to target ISIL, but to inflame the war, deepen the misery of the Syrian people, and increase the terrorist attacks in Europe.
Seen in this light, it is not that hard to understand why the US-led coalition will always fail. For all the appearance, the enlisting of the petrodollar states ensures that money is not going to be a problem for the bankrupt War Party in this endless game of whack-a-mole. For all its bellicose rhetoric, the coalition is at best more of a strategy to contain ISIL rather than eradicate it. The Military-Industrial Complex loves it.
Little wonder Russia and Iran are not having any of it. The priority for them remains preventing another “successful” regime change in the region – after the “successes” in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya. The impression is that Washington refuses to join the Russia-Iran-Syria alliance because its priorities still are to partition Iraq and Syria and make a bad situation worse in common caucus with “moderate” terrorists.
It is against this background that we can better understand why Moscow and Tehran refuse to deny their own responsibility. They have no intention to play a part in America’s doomed imperial obsession, arrogance, ignorance and poor judgment. In some profound way, they are also confident that America’s “Coalition of Fakers” is no longer relevant to the great issues of the day in Syria.

Date:December 5, 2015

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