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Tell the Truth and Run: How Saudis Unleash Terror in Mideast


He went on to state that the Saudi-led and US-backed massacre should be stopped and that “an unwise and ignorant mindset among the Saudis is making decisions about Yemen.”

Just as Ayatollah Khamenei had warned, the deadly fantasy of Saudi Arabia and its lackeys has turned into a nightmare, all while turning Yemen into a badlands for terrorists who have spread their killing sprees far and wide. As we speak, the disastrous war is breeding monsters and enabling jihadists to seize territory in the poorest country in the Middle East.

Regardless of Saudi fantasies, the affiliates of Al-Qaeda and ISIL are also busy taking over territory in the southern parts of the country near the Saudi border, where there are growing signs of a militant presence. Graffiti on the roads warn that “ISIL is strong”, all while the flags of Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula have flown above police stations and war-scarred neighbourhoods.

Under these terrible circumstances, the finest minds of NATO governments shouldn’t ignore Ayatollah Khamenei’s warnings or they would guarantee strategic failure against the ostensible grave threat of ISIL. They should negotiate with common sense and stop this senseless war of Saudi Arabia, or see Yemen (just like Syria and Libya) export foreign jihadists to commit murderous rampages in “Fortress Europe” on behalf of ISIL. After all, it was in Syria, where one ISIL affiliate went by the name of Katibat al-Battar al Libi. One of its leaders was none other than Abdelhamid Abaaoud, the suspected organizer of the recent Paris attacks.

What is true is that the House of Saud is the force behind ISIL, Al-Qaeda and “jihadist terrorism”. It has also thrown itself into an anti-Shia crusade from Yemen to Bahrain to Syria. This means ISIL and Al-Qaeda are not home-grown and self-reliant, but a proxy army of Riyadh. Evidence of broad trans-regional support is abundant too, even if the corporate media have done their best to ignore it, and US officials have told the truth and run:

1-In a 2009 diplomatic memo made public by Wikileaks, then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said “donors in Saudi Arabia constitute the most significant source of funding to Sunni terrorist groups worldwide.”

2–In August 2012, the Defense Intelligence Agency reported that Al-Qaeda, Salafists, and the Muslim Brotherhood dominate the Syrian rebel movement and that their goal is to establish a “Salafist principality in Eastern Syria” where ISIL is now located. It said the CIA is channelling arms from Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar to the extremist outfits in Syria.

3–In October 2014, Vice President Joe Biden said, “The Saudis, the emirates, etc. are so determined to take down Assad and essentially have a proxy Sunni-Shia war that they poured hundreds of millions of dollars and tens of thousands of tons of military weapons into anyone who would fight against Assad – except the people who were being supplied were Al-Nusra and Al-Qaeda.”

It is said that truth may be stretched, but cannot be broken and always gets above falsehood. In blatant violation of international law, the US not only refuses to tamp down the panic-mongering and cheap political theatre of “Iran threat”, but also continues to supply the Saudis with banned weapons with which to flatten Yemeni neighbourhoods and kill civilians, generate more refugees, and strengthen ISIL and Al-Qaeda. This way the Military-Industrial Complex can make money through arms race, the extremist outfits can threaten the world with terrorist attacks, and the US Army can then send in drones and Special Forces to take out a few Al-Qaeda and ISIL operatives and perpetuate the bogus “War on Terror.”

When all’s said and done, and when money speaks, the truth is silent, everyone makes out, and no one wants to put at risk this mutual benefit society.

Date:December 5, 2015

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