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War on Terror Business


Using ISIL as an excuse, the War Party is also renewing its push for the bankrolling of a string of new military bases in war-torn countries, that would put additional US forces across myriad sites from Europe to the Persian Gulf. What’s more, the War Party, which already has eight drone squadrons, is planning to double that to 16 for spying and military missions.

According to the Pentagon officials, one of the most ambitious bases would be in Irbil, in Iraqi Kurdistan, where the Pentagon wants a “hub” for its bases across the region. Keep in mind as well that all of this is supposedly designed to stop the rise of ISIL, a direct consequence of the US invasion and occupation of Iraq.

There is no dispute about the fact that it was Congress which authorized President George W. Bush to illegally invade Iraq and fund the occupation and bloody counter-insurgency conflict that followed. The reign of terror ISIL has imposed upon Syria and Iraq, and the recent terrorist attacks in Paris, Beirut, the Sinai, and elsewhere would never have happened without the Iraq War.

What this darkly implies is that an open-ended war authorisation by Congress, bankrolling new bases, and doubling the drone squadrons will only fan the flames of the Middle East, encourage the worst impulses of the Arab world, and strengthen the recruitment arm of ISIL and other like-minded splinter groups and fronts.

It is ironic, then, that most of those who went ahead and supported the invasion of Iraq are now trying to blame Iran and Russia for the rise of ISIL! These include the US and its vassals in the Persian Gulf. They claim the decision by Tehran and Moscow to back the Syrian government left a big vacuum, which the European jihadists have now filled.

To a normal human being, this seems crazy. It was Washington, its war on terror business and its lackeys that provided military support, training and funds to “moderate” head choppers that allowed the takeover of parts of Syria and Iraq by ISIL. Thanks to the War Party, the death cult is now one of the most powerful terrorist groups in the world, flush with advanced American weaponry supplied by Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the UAE.

The reality is clear: At every turn, the rise of ISIL is still being shaped by the US involvement in Iraq plus its de facto alliance with Washington’s “allies.” This means, whatever their ideological or strategic differences, ISIL and other terrorist cabals can only be defeated if the War Party deadheads and allies stop turning a blind eye to the smuggling of arms into Syria for ISIL, and being clearly a conduit for smuggling its oil out onto world markets.

In the age of terrorism, forming yet another coalition of fakers, authorizing an open-ended war, building new bases, and doubling the drone squadrons is guaranteed to fail with deadly consequences. Washington’s goals in this whole process are unnervingly far-fetched – no matter who does the fighting.

Date:December 12, 2015

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