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The Heart of the Problem: Obama’s “So Much War”

President Obama has once again called on the US Congress to vote to authorize the war against ISIL – with no limits on its duration.

This is while Obama has been directing airstrikes against ISIL in Iraq and Syria since August 2014 without Congressional and UN authorization. True, he has already sent lawmakers a draft proposal. It was nearly a year ago, but they haven’t done anything with it, which corporate media say is the heart of the problem. Far from it, the heart of the problem is this:

To date, Obama has never demanded that Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey and other despotic regimes helping ISIL and Al-Qaeda shut down that assistance immediately or face severe financial and international consequences. He also has never explained what has to be done in Syria, such as promising that – after all manners of terrorism and extremism are defeated – the people of Syria would be allowed to decide who they want as their leader.

What’s more, Obama has led some 9,000 airstrikes to help carry out raids against America’s own creation ISIL. Strange enough, some of these airstrikes have targeted Syrian Army camps and positions! Little wonder President Bashar Assad says US-led airstrikes have helped ISIL, al-Nusra Front and other terror outfits to expand their power exponentially.

This clearly means there are extraordinary elements in Washington’s incoherent policy that are attracting more attention now. In Iraq, the US is carrying out airstrikes and sending in advisers and trainers to allegedly help beat back the advance of ISIL. But in Syria, Washington’s policy is the exact opposite. There the main opponent of ISIL is the Syrian government and the Kurds. Both are under attack from ISIL, Turkey, AND the US-led coalition. Their policy is to overthrow President Assad, which happens to be the policy of ISIL and other terrorist groups.

Into the argument, the War Party continues its intervention in Iraq by arming and training some sides of the conflict – including ISIL and al-Qaeda affiliates. The practical implications of this policy are devastating for the future of Iraq as it increases divisions and makes it harder for Iraqis to unite.

The key to stopping this descent into darkness is to remember that so much war and so much violence is a direct consequence of earlier US military interventions and terror financing. Much of the destructions were either caused directly by the US or happened under its watch by its vassals. The same argument applies to Syria. Despite that, Obama insists the US will “continue to explore all options” in this newest escalation, which is a return to normalcy. Indeed, the ideologues of permanent war are there to tell us this is the new normal.

It’s become painfully obvious that military escalation without accountability won’t close the Obama administration’s credibility gap. The War Party has yet to reckon with the costs, mistakes and crimes of a decade-long occupation. In the absence of a radical change in US foreign policy, escalation will widen into a chasm, with the War Party sitting on one side and the rest of the world on the other. It is not just that the War Party is not fighting the good fight. It has continued to play word games and spin propaganda narratives.

Date:December 12, 2015

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