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10 Egyptian policemen injured in Sinai bomb blast


Egyptian security officials, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the policemen were travelling along a highway in the city of el-Arish, situated 344 kilometers (214 miles) northeast of the capital, Cairo, when they were hit by a roadside bomb.

On December 8, four soldiers were killed and as many as others injured when a military convoy hit an explosive device in the border town of Rafah, located 340 kilometers (211 miles) east of the capital.

In a similar incident, at least 12 people, among them civilians, lost their lives and 20 others sustained injuries on November 4, when a vehicle rigged with explosives was detonated in front of the police department building in el-Arish.

The Takfiri militant group, Velayat Sinai, later claimed responsibility for the act of violence.

The Egyptian military views the Sinai Peninsula as a sanctuary for extremists, who use the volatile region as a safe haven.

Velayat Sinai terrorists have claimed responsibility for most of the attacks in the Sinai Peninsula. Last November, the group pledged allegiance to the Daesh terrorist group, which is wreaking havoc primarily in Iraq and neighboring Syria.

Date:December 13, 2015

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